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Air Duct Cleaning 
SUPER SPECIAL PACKAGE; we Offer the best service, Unlimited Supply Vents+ Air Return + Connection Box + Organic Deodorant+ Furnace and AC unit Inspection $380.00
​for single HVAC Unit
At Air Quality Technology Inc, Air duct Cleaning & HVAC Services,  We are available to take your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of services including:
Prevent Fire In Your Home cleaning the Dryer With This Super Special,
 Dryer vent Deep cleaning Indoor to Outdoor.
System Tune-Up outdoor and Indoor Unit, Or any Troubleshooting, Or Minor Repair $160.00

AC and Gas Furnaces Replacement ONLY $3,900
2TON Air conditioning  14 SEER and Gas Furnaces 72,000BTUs 
(Includes Equipment Goodman, Air Temp, EVCOM or Payne  Plus Labor Installation )

Heat Pump and Air Handler Replacement ONLY $3,750
2TON Heat Pump unit 14SEER and Air Handler with 8KW Heater Package 
​(Includes Equipment Goodman, PAYNE, Air Temp or EVCOM  Plus Labor Installation)

Water Heating Replacement $200 OFF

2 Years Preventive Maintenance FREE!!
Breathe Fresh Mountain Air In Your Own Home!!!! 
Free Estimate!!!
Air Duct Cleaning;

Doctors Recommend Cleaning The Air Ducts once a Year to prevent diseases such as; 
- Allergies, 
- Skin Irritation, 
- Asthma Etc 

Caused by excessive  Dust and Bacteria accumulated in the Air Ducts System, avoid the Discomfort of Breathing Dirty Air inside your home, avoid costly repairs in your HVAC system, giving maintenance once a year to their Air Conditioning Unit can save hundreds of  dollars and Breathing Fresh Air inside your Home!!!!!

Be very careful there are many Companies that just want to keep your money, inventing costly procedures for removing Bacteria and excessive dust in the Air Duct reaching charged up Thousand of Dollar  for a basic cleaning, CAREFULLY

Our Technicians will show you through the correct step for Cleaning and Sterilization of Air Duct procedure;
- Electric Brush 
- Turbo Jet (vac 4 engines)
- Fogger Machine (sanitize) 
- EPA Vacuum (for main tunnels)
- Video Camera (to show Result)
​To ensure a professional work our Technicians open all Supply Vent are cleaned one by one with the Electric Brush making sure to remove all dirt and accumulated dust, then the same procedure is followed to clean, Air Return and Main Tunnels, the job is completed giving service the Furnace or Air Handler Unit, resulting in a PROFESSIONAL AIR DUCT CLEANING!!!!!!!
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